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Did you know that driving with illegal tyres could result in a £2,500 fine and three penalty points?

Because just a fraction of a millimetre of tread depth can turn a legal tyre into a liability we’re now offering you a free tyre check by Vauxhall & Suzuki trained technicians.

We’ll make sure that your tyres are safe and legal by checking the tread depth and examining the side walls for damage. If your tyres are deemed to be illegal or unsafe we can replace them for you on the spot at very competitive prices.

Pop in and see us today for more tyre awareness tips
To help you make an informed choice about safer and more environmentally friendly driving, from 1st November 2012 all new car tyre labels will be labelled according to their performance in three key areas: Fuel Efficiency, Wet Braking Performance and Exterior Noise Emission.