Have a look at the intellilink on the new Adam

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The IntelliLink system is designed to support specific smartphone applications; these currently include Stitcher®, BringGo navigation, TuneIn and MirrorLink. Watch out for new apps available in future.

BringGo is a GPS-based navigation system with 3D maps and text-to-speech capabilities. Text-to-speech is supported through the smartphone and not the radio. BringGo connects with iPhones via USB and with Android-based phones via Bluetooth®, projecting the phone display onto the radio display. Nokia smartphones use MirrorLink via Bluetooth®, USB or WLAN to connect with respective navigation apps.

Because BringGo navigation doesn’t need internet access, you avoid data-transfer and roaming fees. The system also includes:

Emergency information (such as police, fire and nearest hospital)
Points of interest
Local search via Google
‘Where am I?’ locator
Live traffic updates