The New Suzuki Ignis Introduced the Suzuki Ignis


A unique design and a thirst for adventure set the Suzuki Ignis apart from all other cars in its class. Perfect for long driving and daily commutes, the Ignis is economical, nimble and powerful.

The latest generation of the Suzuki Ignis sees the iconic car transformed into a crossover SUV with plenty of appeal. On the inside the Suzuki Ignis offers plenty of comfort and space, as well as a modern dashboard that keeps everything in sight for the driver.

By default, the Ignis comes with a 1.2-litre Dualjet petrol engine that offers capable performance - 88 bhp with 120Nm of torque, delivering up to 61mpg and emissions of just 104 g/km. Weighing just 855 kg, the Ignis is incredibly nimble and can navigate busy city streets with ease.

An SVHS mild hybrid option is also available, bringing down emissions to 97g/km and increasing fuel economy to 65.7mpg.


Model Transmission Insurance Grouping Manufacture List Price OTR Price*
1.2 Hybrid SZ3 5 Speed Manual 20D £14,749 £12,749
1.2 Hybrid SZ-T 5 Speed Manual 21D £16,249 £14,249
1.2 Hybrid SZ-T CVT Automatic 20D £17,249 £15,249
1.2 Hybrid SZ5 5 Speed Manual 16D £17,249 £15,249
1.2 Hybrid SZ5 CVT Automatic 16D £18,249 £16,249
1.2 Hybrid SZ5 All-Grip 5 Speed Manual 4x4 15D £18,249 £16,249