New Movano

Vauxhall Movano - Available at Lanehouse Vauxhall.


Wide-Open Cargo Capacity, Movano gets the job done, whatever you need to carry.

Its cargo capacity extends from 8 to 22m3, with space for up to 5 euro pallets in the rear-wheel drive version. Powerful pulling, Movano has a range of detachable and fixed towing hitches, including a heavy-duty hitch for big loads.

Get the job done, Movano's cargo capaicty extends to 22m3, giving you space for up to 5 euro-pallets in the rear-wheel drive version.

Secure cargo, safely and simply secure cargo with standard floor-mounted, load-lashing eyes. Need protective floor and wall panels? Sorted with Movano.


Analyse fleet data, Movano can lighten your workload. A digital tachograph records speed and distance, as well as driver work and rest times. It's easy to analyse the data. And simple for you to use.

Feel the power, more power, more torque and a fuel-efficient engine. Movano's a hard worker. Take your pick from a range of diesel variants with 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions.


New bumpers. Stylish new grille. Movano has a smart, new look – but the wide choice of body styles hasn’t changed. Choose from four lengths, three heights and loads of variants. Long drives to work? Rough site surfaces?

Comfort Zone, relax with our adjustable lumbar-support seats and optional air-cushioned driver’s seat. And take your team with you – 3 up front, 4 in the back.

Lighting that makes life safer, changing lane while a vehicle’s in your side blind-spot? LED lights in your wing-mirror will alert you to the danger.

Bright LEDs also light your cargo area after dark. Safety (and convenience) first!

Keep everything handy, paperwork, tools, sausage rolls. Movano has storage spaces for all your essentials, including room in the side door for a 1.5 litre water bottle. Tidy.


Navi 50 IntelliLink Pro Infotainment. New to Movano, IntelliLink Pro features Aplle CarPlay and AndroidAuto. A new rear camera gives a live feed to your 7" touchscreen. Anything back there like a cyclist or pedestrian? You'll know about it.


Better visibility, automatically when it comes to headlights and wiper settings, Movano makes driving easier. It auto-adjusts when light levels and the weather changes. So you can keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Your mobile office do the business. The folding centre seat doubles as an office table. A swivel tray is perfect for your laptop.

Easy does it, the parking a large van safely can be tricky at times. But Movano has parking-distance sensors. They let you know audibly if something is in your way when you're reversing. Or go for the optional rear view camera. Sound good?

Choose warmer or cooler, keep a set temperature inside - whatever the weather outside. With Electronic Climate Control, your cabin's just the way you like it.


Stay, don't stray, keep on track with Lane Departure Warning. It alerts you with an audible alarm if you start to drift out of your lane. Stay safe with Movano.

Extra eyes blind Spot Alert is new to Movano. It uses sensors to detect if vehicles are in your blind sport and behind your van. And alerts you with LED indicators. Movano's always looking out for you.

Safe and secure the anti-theft alarm protects your van with movement sensors. Add deadlocks as well, to give extra security. They'll lock the buttons on the cabin door - and they can't be opened without a key. Good to know.