New Vivaro-e

All New Vivaro-e - Available at Lanehouse Vauxhall.

Finally, an all electric van that does the business.

The New All-Electric Vauxhall Vivaro-e is here and available to order! With a long-range to get the job done and enough power to pull the heaviest of payloads, we hear you - finally, an electric van that does the business.

Offering all the practicalities you’d expect to find in a van including up to 1,226kg of payload, a 1,000kg towing limit and enough room to fit a pallet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find you’ll also be able to travel up to 204 miles on a single charge.

Batteries to fit your business.

New Vivaro-e comes with a choice of two batteries, giving you the flexibility to choose the van that best fits your business. The cheaper 50kW battery will take you 143 miles on a single charge and increases your payload to 1,226kg; while the 100kW array delivers a 204-mile range; however, the bigger battery reduces your payload down to a still very respectable 1,002kg. Both batteries power the same 100kw electric motor delivering 134bhp and 260Nm of torque to the front wheels.

Charging the Vivaro-e

With charging speeds of up to 100kW, a rapid charger will deliver an 80% charge to the 50Kw battery in just 30 minutes, while the larger battery will take a speedy 45 minutes to reach 80% of charge. A more normal 7.4kW charger suitable for most homes will charge the Vivaro-e’s battery in 8 hours and 11 hours, respectively. An 11kW charger will reduce those times by a third; you will, however, need a three-phase electrical supply.

The leads required to charge from a standard AC three pin-wall domestic wall socket and a Type 2 AC charger are supplied with the Vivaro-e. The rapid 150kW chargers always have the charge lead tethered to them, so you need not worry about carrying the right lead when charging the Vivaro-e here.

Vivaro-e Body Styles

Built for practicality, the versatile Vivaro-e comes in two body styles, the standard panel van, as well as the double cab offering an additional second row of comfortable seats. Both body styles also come in L1 and L2 variants, with the L2 delivering an extra 34cm of length in the load area.

Vivaro-e Trim

Coming in two options, the Dynamic entry-level trim delivers a vast amount of specification for the money, including a 3.5” digital instrument cluster, cruise control, seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system, rear parking sensors, hill start assist and more.